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  • "As a working parent who has a busy lifestyle, it's great to have the app so I can quickly access the latest school information. I haven't missed a dress down day so far!" Parent from Weldon Divine College Primary School
  • "It’s brilliant! I love how you can get instant notifications, Daily Assesment as well as receive aaignment on the App, I wish my other son’s school did this!" Parent from Christ The Way Primary and Secondary School
  • "The app is so easy to navigate. I can find all the information I need. I can also access all the information relevant to my daughters class." Parent Danbo International School
  • "The school have just started using the message feature. It's great that they message me directly with information about my son." Parent from Kings College
  • "The update has made the whole look a lot better and is certainly easier to use" Parent DAP International
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It's time to get connected

Saves you time
As a parent, it can be challenging to keep up with what’s going on at your child’s school. Letters that don’t make it home, emails tucked away deep in your inbox and not having enough time to check the calendar days.

Stay in the loop
All of this can lead to you feeling in the dark, missing some key school deadlines and alas sometimes missing a cake sale day!

Quick and easy
So, wouldn’t it be great if there was one single place where all this communication and information could be accessed quickly and easily?

Introducing, Studcom App, by Studcom Nigeria Limited

Your child’s school now uses Studcom App. The app is a mobile app that has been designed to help improve the communication between parents and schools; helping you to stay in the loop.

Intro Phone


School communications in your pocket.

Easy access to school information -

The app is designed to give you instant access to key school information, such as daily assessment, instant notifications and latest news and events.


The app is powered by the school web portal -

Any changes to the web portal will automatically update in the app, meaning you will always have access to the latest information.


Instant access to the school calendar for upcoming events -

Keep up to date with the upcoming events in your school's schedule. Simply open the app and scroll through the school event tab on the home page of the App.


Receive urgent school messages to your phone -

The school can send messages directly to you through the app and you will be notified when a message is waiting for you.

Phone Book


Daily timetable helps you to follow your school teachers lectures and you can plan your study.


C.S.R.(Corporate Social Responsibility) -

Our corporate social responsibility covers excellence in computer knowledge, agility in sports and creativity in entertainment.

How it works

Easy to set up - quick to use.
  1. 0

  2. 1

    Download Studcom App .

  3. 2

    Log into your dashboard.

  4. 3

    Enter your user ID and password.

  5. 4

    You're all set up.

  6. 5

    View individual or group messages.

  7. 6

    View the latest school events directly on your phone.

  8. 7

    View wards assesment and class subjects.

  9. 8

    View wards grades and performance through the app.


Chances are, it's already been asked and answered below.
  1. 1 Why should I use Studcom App?

    Studcom App bridges the communication gap between students, teachers and parents as well as provides oppurtunity for learning to students.

  2. 2 Who should use Studcom App?

    The App has been uniquely designed to be used by parents, teachers and students who are in school.

  3. 3 Is Studcom App free to download?

    Yes, Studcom App is 100%, completely free. All you need to do is download Studcom App onto your phone from the app store or Google play, and you’re good to go.

  4. 4 How does Studcom App work?

    The App is powered by Studcomapp wep portal for schools and uses the internet to send feeds to your phone.

  5. 5 Can I use Studcom App for more than one school?

    Yes, you can use Studcom App for more than one school.

  6. 6 Who does Studcom App benefit?

    Everyone! from our exciting CSR projects for schools to easier communication between schools/parents and educative models for students,there is something for everyone!

  7. 7 Does Studcom App work on all mobile phones?

    Studcom App is compatible with Android and iPhone, it does not work on Windows smartphones or Blackberry.